[Bug 44874] Re: auto smbfs mount in /etc/fstab causes hald hang at boot

h.schenk holgerschenk at gmx.de
Sat Jun 3 01:34:52 UTC 2006

hi i have the same problem

i´m useing kubuntu dapper since flight 6 and had no big problems during the boot up 
but when i updated a big bunch of packages about May 10th the boot process hung at startup of the HALD , i´m still not very familliar with linux so i had no idea what the problem for this could be and i switched back to windows and dicided to wait for the final release and updated yesterday and still had the same problem ,so i started to google and found this bug thread ,

i also have a debian/samba share that is auto mounted with fstab , i read this thread and followed your workaround -booted the recovery mode added noauto to the smb share in the fstab and rebooted the PC. now its boot up fast without any problem after this i mounted the share manualy with a "sudo mount //IP/share/" and it also works fine 
i hope that if there will be more people complaining about this anoying error anyone get attended to it :)

but anyway thanks for the workaround i was already starting to srew
around the whole system without any clue what could be the error  :)

i hope they will fix it soon


and sry for my bad english

auto smbfs mount in /etc/fstab causes hald hang at boot

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