[Bug 22501] Re: serpentine couldnt start to burn

NickBooker bookn at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Jun 3 00:56:34 UTC 2006


> No that's the cache working. You don't want to convert the same file twice.
Good point.  When I found the duplicate, I realised it was an issue with where the tmp files were created, not the fact that they're kept until close.  

> The disc was blank or was it burned successfuly?
The order of events was as follows:

1. Inserted a blank CD, clicked Write To Disc (having built the playlist) and confirmed
2. Audio converted
3. The converted audio was burned to the empty CD-R
4. CD was ejected
5. Error message I mentioned originally was shown.
6. Tested CD in my hi-fi and it played perfectly, so as far as I know the burn process was in fact successful despite the error message.

Sorry for confusion.
Should I submit a new bug?

> Does this work with "audioconvert ! audioscale !" ?
No, just tried and got the original "Converting files failed"... error again.

> Can we arrange a meeting on IRC so that we can try to debug this?
Can't tonight (I'm in UK it's late).  What times are you online?

serpentine couldnt start to burn

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