[Bug 47619] Re: nautilus sometimes crashes when opening new window

Rui Mesquita rpedro78 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 23:24:01 UTC 2006

Seems this bug still crops up on my system after a fresh install of the
final Dapper release, happened when calling my home folder from the
'places' menu.

I really don't know, if other people aren't getting this bug too, maybe
it's something with my hardware configuration or something I configured
or installed, though I haven't done much yet besides change the theme,
add a couple of app launchers to the panel, change the X configuration
and little more.

I have installed all the debug symbols I installed in Dapper Beta, and
will post the traceback here should nautilus crash again.

I will include now the list of packages I installed so far before this
bug happened again , just in case...

ps. This time even gedit crashed(!) when I was creating the file with
the installed packages list from Synaptic. Never happened to me

** Attachment added: "installed_packages"

nautilus sometimes crashes when opening new window

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