[Bug 47256] Re: nautilus crash, blocks gpanel

Killercow janklopper at innerheight.com
Thu Jun 1 21:35:03 UTC 2006

Not really.

I noticed a few things which might be related to the problem
(seemingly random failures of ls on ftp folders i guess)
Once in a while i get a nautilus message stating it could not view the content for the directory i clicked on, but after refreshing it always works.

Opening two (php) files in quanta from the ftp dir, without having the kde keyring/wallet unlocked will block both quanta instances, and have them run at 50% without ever showing me the keyring unlock dialog.

in some of the above cases quanta might be unable to read the folder, or nautlius might be unable to get info for the clicked file because of problem one, and thus crash the whole chain.

Since it really is a pretty random problem, and it's my development
machine im kind of unhappy running it with a backtracer all the time.
(quanta loads slow enough as it is)

Is there some way of continually storing virtual file system logs to a
file? that way i could at least figure out if problem one occurs when
the crash happens, or if there's an other fs transaction holding the
whole stack.

nautilus crash, blocks gpanel

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