[Bug 47619] Re: nautilus sometimes crashes when opening new window

Rui Mesquita rpedro78 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 18:38:19 UTC 2006

Still getting some crashes like described in this report. what I do to
get around this is I keep a nautilus window open in the computer:///
location, and from there I open the mount I need in a new window. I
either do this, or I would be getting a handful of nautilus crashes

For a while nautilus would crash when browsing between folder, but now
it's back to 'only' crashing when opening a new window. Since this 2nd
bug, nautilus now gets increasingly sluggish with usage, and eventually
it would crash, a memory leak maybe? I have a bunch backtraces from this
second bug, should it be helpful.

About debugging this problem, I would like to help out doing whatever
needs to be done, bear in mind, though, I'm not a developer by any
definition (and specially not with C! bleehh! ;P)

Ah, and just thought I should mention my hardware config:

AMD Sempron64 2600+
ATI Radeon 9600PRO 256MB
SBLive! with MIDI bay (currently not installed)

1x250GB ATA disk
1x120GB ATA disk
1x250GB SATA disk 8MB cache

nautilus sometimes crashes when opening new window

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