[Bug 50621] Re: [Bug 50621] Re: freezes at end of playlist

crankben ben_schuenemann at gmx.de
Wed Jul 19 10:46:32 UTC 2006

The most simple test case I could find that still gives an error: 
One folder containing a plain text file and a mp3 file. Using gstreamer

Using totem-xine everything works fine (did not intend to rhyme :D) and
a message pops up, telling me that it won't play text files.

Reinstalled totem-gstreamer and the bug appears again.

Of course I had to add the option "Play with video player" to my menu, it wasn't there from the beginning. 
My system might be more than a little off though things work most of the time. Got the mobo cheaper since it had been sent in and repared/replaced. 
With most distros I use cheatcodes like noapic acpi=off and so on. 
Some distros won't boot at all. (Thanks God ubuntu isn't such a b****)

My system contains an athlon64 (socket 754) on a MSI K8T Neo mobo with
onboard sound, network and raid (just using ata hdd though).

Last but not least I think I should be a little more specific concerning the shutdown problems: 
First only totem hangs and all other programs and desktops, including both taskbars or control panels or whatever they are called, remain usable. 
Then I click "shutdown" and both panels fail to respond from this point on. But programs on the desktop I currently work on remain usable. I just have to kill totem myself to make ubuntu shut down. 

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freezes at end of playlist

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