[Bug 52924] Re: [Bug 52924] Re: Print the file .ps / .pdf

cetautomatix mag.formacao at netvisao.pt
Mon Jul 17 16:41:46 UTC 2006

Marco Geraldes

I'm going to try in Firefox and latter on I will give an answer to that.


Don Scorgie wrote:
>> The pdf issue happened to epiphany too and has been fixed since they use GTK 2.10
>> printing instead of libgnomeprint.
> Just to clarify:
> Has been fixed in epiphany.  I'm still struggling with making yelp use
> the shiny new Gtk printing stuff.  Until thats done, the pdf option
> (disabled) will remain in yelp.
> Hopefully sometime soon, I'll manage to get the printing working in
> yelp.  And the new search stuff I've been promising for ages.  And ...
> One other question for the reporter: Does a postscript generated using
> firefox have any problems like you're experiencing in Yelp?  (To narrow
> down where the problem lies).
> Thanks.

Print the file .ps / .pdf

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