[Bug 52836] Re: [Bug 52836] Re: Crash when moving folder to trash

Mike Durham mdurham at people.net.au
Fri Jul 14 10:20:30 UTC 2006

Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> there is no reason it behaves different running with gksudo, that's just
> another user and that doesn't change the software, it might be than the
> events notification are not working for that user though, which would
> mean it's bugged with gksudo.
> If you have another annoyance, use another bug, abusing that one makes
> harder for people who read it to understand what is the issue and to
> reply. That issue is fixed with edgy
> Did you read the previous comments now? Could you comment on if that's a
> duplicate of bug #36500?  And if that's not on what is different?
Point taken about other annoyances Sebastien.  Yes it's almost a 
duplicate of #36500
Except it works as it should when run with gksudo, i.e. Nautilus doesn't 
close unexpectedly.

Cheers, Mike

Crash when moving folder to trash

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