[Bug 52773] Play button functionality perhaps isn't intuitive

Dean Sas dean at deansas.org
Wed Jul 12 15:37:34 UTC 2006

Public bug reported:

I clicked on library then clicked on an album. I started playing the
album but decided I wanted to instead play a playlist. Rhythmbox doesn't
have a stop button, but pressing the play button again causes the music
to stop playing (which in itself is very odd).

I then clicked on a play list and then hit the play button. Instead of
the playlist playing, the album I had been listening to before resumed
playing. I thought that maybe if I skipped to the next song it would go
to the song in my playlist, since the previous playing song was still
shown, however it went on to the next track on the originally selected

I tried clicking various buttons with no affect. Finally I found that if
I close the program and re-open it that I can play the playlist.

What should happen is if I stop playing music then switch to a playlist
instead of unpausing the previous playing track it should instead begin
anew with the track selected in the playlist.

** Affects: rhythmbox (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Untriaged
         Status: Unconfirmed

Play button functionality perhaps isn't intuitive

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