[Bug 34112] Re: gnome programs don't respect ~/.cups/lpoptions

Pascal De Vuyst pascal.devuyst at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 18:56:13 UTC 2006

@Vincenzo and Dirk
Please provide the following information:
1) Your printer model and the driver you use.
2) Tell us in which application(s) duplex printing does not work.
3) Please debug foomatic-rip to find out more: edit /etc/foomatic/filter.conf and set debug: 1. Print a document with duplex activated from gedit or evince. After printing attach the file /tmp/foomatic-rip.log here.

Does tray selection work for your printer after the update to libgnomeprint 2.12.1-3ubuntu2?

gnome programs don't respect ~/.cups/lpoptions

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