[Bug 4416] Index in the Sidepane is wrong when hovering with the mouse

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Sat Jan 28 13:56:56 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Task: ubuntu evince
         Status: Confirmed => Fix Released

This upload fixes the issue:

 evince (0.5.0-0ubuntu1) dapper; urgency=low
   * New upstream version:
     New Features:
     - Various types of PDF links are now supported
     - New backend for comic books (CBR/CBZ archives)
     - Storage of passwords for protected documents in gnome-keyring
     - Layout settings for new documents are taken from the last used document
     Interface Improvements:
     - Statusbar was removed to save space
     - Notification about page processing is shown on the page
     - More key bindings
     - Improved intelligent window title that shouldn't confuse users
     - Show index by default if available
     - Tooltips for links
     - Now we have right click context menu
     Bug Fixes:
     - Crashes on reload and window close are fixed
     - DBus usage cleaned
     - Printing of multiple copies start to work
     - Crash on structured ps document
     - Improved session handling
     - Vertical and horizontal scrolling on selection
   * debian/control.in:
     - Build-Depends on the poppler0.5 package
   * debian/patches/01_launchpad.patch,
     - updated
   * debian/patches/03_dual-page-fix.patch:
     - fixed with the new version
   * debian/patches/04_refresh-crasher-fix.patch:
     - fixed with the new version

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