[Bug 29841] Gaim crashes when connecting to Msn.

agostinomaurotto agostino.maurotto at email.it
Fri Jan 27 10:23:55 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

this is the terminal output from gaim:

Gaim has segfaulted and attempted to dump a core file.
This is a bug in the software and has happened through
no fault of your own.

It is possible that this bug is already fixed in CVS.
If you can reproduce the crash, please notify the gaim
maintainers by reporting a bug at

Please make sure to specify what you were doing at the time,
and post the backtrace from the core file. If you do not know
how to get the backtrace, please get instructions at
http://gaim.sourceforge.net/gdb.php. If you need further
assistance, please IM either SeanEgn or LSchiere and
they can help you.

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