[Bug 28567] Nautilus File Manager Locks Up

TomJerrard tjerrard at jerrard.ca
Tue Jan 24 17:54:04 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Sebastien Bacher wrote:

>Public bug report changed:
>Thank you for your effort. The nautilus-dbg issue is probably because
>you don't have activated breezy-updates for universe. The new backtrace
>doesn't looks like to be a crash, did you do it when nautilus was
>frozen? You can also attach it directly to nautilus, and do "(gdb)
>continue" and use "(gdb) thread apply all" when it actually hangs later

In synaptic manager I have all but the skype sources selected including 
binary and source breezy universe multiverse activated.

You were right i had not opened nautilus file browser so here it is 
again with the browser locked up

I have to go to work back on Saturday.


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