[Bug 28835] "Unmount" in volume right-click menu, is tech-speak and undiscoverable

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen kamstrup at daimi.au.dk
Sun Jan 22 04:07:12 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Just for the record; I would absolutely not advice on the Mac-approach,
of dragging stuff to the trashcan. But I think that is a totally
different discussion (which has been around many too many times).

For CDs: The menu entry should keep on saying "Eject" like it does now.

2.1: Solve by putting an icon in the notification area popping up a sane
dialog when clicked (and direct acces to eject/remove safely in context

2.2: Also put an icon in the NA. Similar to 2.1.

Generally each removable device should have an icon. Gnome-volume-
manager could then have settings to disable them (maybe also reachable
from the context menu).

Bear in mind that one of the reasons I filed this bug on, was also
*discoverability*. It should be obvious how to eject/remove safely and
also that you "have" to do it.

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