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Tue Jan 17 03:32:35 UTC 2006

Greetings in the name of Allah.

This email message will be of interest to you if you are a true servant 

of Allah with a deep love for humanity and also if you are touched by the 

series of strange and unfavorable events that have recently struck 

humanity in various parts of the world ranging from the TSUNAMI DISASTER 

to the FAMINE in Niger,the recent HURRICANE KATRINA disaster in the 

united states and the most tragic of all, the earthquake in pakistan.

If you are a Muslim, this will be interesting to you if you are concerned 

about the bad name that have been tagged on Islamism due to the fact that 

all cases of terrorism have been associated with Islamism. Is this 

actually what Allah demands of us? Why do we allow group of religious 

fanatics to dictate the faith of this our great religion?

Anyway, I am formerly Miguel Marcos Llera from Iran but have lived most 

part of my life in Cuba .I was born into a devoted catholic family. All 

through my life I have been doing business and I was into gold mining and 

selling. I met our creator, the most holy and merciful one, Almighty 

Allah a while ago when I  was having a business deal with one of my 

partners from U.A.E and from that day I was given the Islamic bath and my 

name changed to Afzal Wahid Nasir. Now my name is Afzal Wahid Nasir 


On 10th February 2004, my family and I as well as my business partner 

took a flight from kish to sharjah and we flew kish airline. We had a 

plane crash and 43 passengers died including all members of my family and 

my very good friend/business partner .You can confirm this from the 

following websites.

After this tragic incidence, I was moved over to our home city where I am 

presently under serious medical attention but so far I still have not 

improved and my case is worse because Owing to the fact that I was born 

into a catholic home and my family members know that i am now a devoted 

Muslim, they have neglected me and left me to suffer in pains. I really 

do not understand why they should withdraw their love for me on religious 

grounds. I still love them anyway and do not have anything against the 

Christians or any other religion.

My health position has not been encouraging and from the present 

development I can tell that I would not be able to survive this whole 

pain anymore. I know any moment from now I will be on my way to be with 

our creator Allah. What disturbs me is the mass of wealth that I have 

toiled for all my life which I am about to leave behind. Am I going to 

leave it like that to waste or let my family members (who are already 

well to do) have it when there are millions of people out there who need 

it more? That was the great question in my heart But by the leading of 

Allah, I am taking this bold step to let you know that I want to leave in 

your care the sum of US$12.6M(Twelve Million Six Hundred Thousand 

Dollars) which I Kept safe somewhere.

I would want you to use this fund for the enhancement and propagation of 

the word of Almighty Allah and the major subject area should be channeled 

towards enlightening Muslims that Terrorism is not ordained by almighty 

Allah and should be despised and fought against. Having known my 

condition I decided to donate this fund to a true servant of Allah who 

will utilize these funds the way I am going to instruct here in.

My main aim of doing this is for the propagation and upholding of the 

message of Islam especially in the subject line stated above. My target 

area is the youth whom the future of any great country largely lies on.
The message of Islam must not only be preached and upheld, but also our 

youths have to be called back to the right path and thereby reawaken 

their consciousness. High moral values must be upheld,
promoted and inculcated into these young lives.
Also, a major part of the funds should be used for the poor and the 


Build old peoples home and orphanages and support as many widows and 

fatherless children that you can reach, support those who have been 

stricken by War, famine or a disaster especially the Tsunami disaster 

that struck our Asian brethren recently (May Allah preserve their lives), 

the Famine that is presently in Niger and the Hurricane Katrina Victims 

in the united states.

For the fact that my relatives have turned their back on me and now 

considers me an infidel because of my faith, I know that if I entrust 

this to them, they will never utilize the funds for the purpose which it 

is meant. On this note I am now resting my dream on your shoulders. Even 

as you agree to help me carry out this duty I want you always remember 

that Allah won't ask what you did to help yourself, but will ask what you 

did to help others.

 For the now I cannot engage in any telephone conversation due to strict 

restrictions against the use of in my ward due to the presence of some 

medical equipment which reacts to telephone waves (so I was told). If you 

are interested in undertaking this divine assignment please do get back 

to me with a breif of your personal datas which includes :
1.your full names
2.your telephone number
3.Fax number

Please do reply me via any of my private email addresses: 

afzalnwl at or afzalnwl at

Praise is due to Allah Who brought everything into existence and May the 

peace and blessing of Allah be upon our noble Prophet Mohammed and those 

who follow his footsteps till the Day of Judgment. May the peace of Allah 

rest upon you and your household and may he bless you richly as you 

respond to this call.

Afzal Wahid Nasir Llera.

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