[Bug 28319] [Dapper] editing setup causes gdm to crash

Thomas Templin templin at gnuwhv.de
Sun Jan 15 14:57:51 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Youre right, seems it the face browser...
Never used a theme without it, sorry.

/etc/gdm/gdm.conf will not help.
gdm needs to be updated via gdmsetup

# You should not update this file by hand.  Since GDM, 
# configuration choices in the gdm.conf-custom file will override the 
# default values specified in this file. 


# If you hand-edit the GDM configuration, you should run the following 
# command to get the GDM daemon to recognize the change.  Any running 
# GDM GUI programs will also be notified to update with the new 
# configuration.
# gdmflexiserver --command="UPDATE_CONFIG <configuration key>"

I my eyes this is a very bad solution due to the fact it's a paradigm change being not allowed to edit conf files by hand and just restart the  service.
And it's much to complicated...

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