[Bug 9129] network usage wrong because of scaling

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------- Additional Comments From dooglus at gmail.com  2006-01-10 05:41 UTC -------
The GNOME bug report has a comment from exactly a year ago today saying that
this has been fixed "in CVS HEAD".

A year later, the fix still hasn't made its way into dapper.  There's still no
way I can see to set the maximum, so the applet auto-scales and is therefore
basically useless.

I'm on a 6Mbit link, and am currently transferring a steady 10Kb/s - that's
around 1% of capacity, but the applet is showing "100% in use".

If I could tell the applet that 100% means 6Mbit/s then it would know that I'm
using effecting no bandwidth.

Has this bug been overlooked?  It is marked as "RESOLVED FIXED".

I'm running gnome-applets version 2.13.1-0ubuntu3.

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