[Bug 18748] Default mail application dialog is responsive, but clicking on buttons does not work

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Mon Jan 9 03:39:47 UTC 2006

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------- Additional Comments From nikal at nucleus.com  2006-01-09 03:39 UTC -------
I just figured out that this is not a bug in Evolution's mail checker, it's a
bug in the code which tries to publish a calendar.  As can be seen in one of the
backtraces, the code is blocked from a different portion.  The problem is that
when the dialog is run, the calendar publish code is called, and it blocks on
some IO.  Of course, my calendar publishing information was wrong, so it blocked.

To reproduce, go to preference, Edit->Preferences-> Calendar and Tasks ->
Free/Busy and select Add URL, then put in some URL information which will fail
after a network type timout.  I had in:
sftp//my.school.server.ca/my/home/dir/www/calendar  Along with a username and

If you remove this from the publishing list, the dialog is responsive.  Because
I'm sure as to which module is applicable to this bug, I'll leave it up to you
to re-assign it.  If you need better backtraces, or still can't reproduce it let
me know. 

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