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Sorry that my text is not always clear.
The "Dapper Flight-2" LiveCD still has case-sensitive filename sorting order.
The 'slow'-issue is specific for 50% zoom (takes an extra 30 seconds), but also
100% zoom is a bit (one or two seconds) slower than with thumbnails switched
off. I tried the 75% zoom and it has about the same timing as the 100% zoom.


Here is my test with file name sorting in Ubuntu 5.10:
I made five text files, and this is the order when sorted on names:
  Nautilus:           t1, t2, t4, t5, T3
  gedit:              t1, t2, t4, t5, T3  (the file open box)

The next are non-case-sensitive:
  Konqueror:          t1, t2, T3, t4, t5
  Xfe:                t1, t2, T3, t4, t5
  mc:                 t1, t2, T3, t4, t5  (with proper settings)
  gnome-search-tool:  t1, t2, T3, t4, t5  (output window)


A test with the "Dapper Flight-2" LiveCD in standard english. 
I created a folder and put 5 files in it like this:
  echo hello world > t1
  echo hello world > t2
  echo hello world > t4
  echo hello world > T3
  echo hello world > t5

The sorting order becomes:
  Nautilus:           T3, t1, t2, t4, t5

So there still is a case sensitive sorting.

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