[Bug 22073] France dvorak (dvorak-fr) layout not working with gnome

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Sun Jan 8 00:19:11 UTC 2006

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------- Additional Comments From aris at 0Xbadc0de.be  2006-01-08 00:19 UTC -------
Well, I found a workaround by adding an other keymap (US dvorak). 
Then, the us dvorak worked well (I had to up the us dvorak in the list of
keymaps before it is accepted by the applet). 
Then, changing the keymap worked with the applet (including france dvorak). 
*but* I find the per-window keymap assignement checked by default misleading.
(I didn't understand what happened with the layouts changing while I switched
from a window to another).
Thus, there is some work here.


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