[Bug 18638] won't play DVD 'Failed to play: Could not open resource for writing.'

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------- Additional Comments From ubuntu at treblig.org  2006-01-07 14:53 UTC -------
Ah OK - so gstreamer-properties has for video

Default sink
   Output: XWindows (X11/XShm/Xv)
   Pipeline: (greyed out) xvimagesink

The 'test' button produces a nice testcard with some static at the bottom corner.

Default source:
   Input: Video for Linux (v4l)
   Pipeline: (greyed out) v4lsrc

The Audio tab has
Default sink
   Output: ESD - Enlightenment Sound Daemon
   Pipeline: (greyed out) esdsink

The test button for that gives 'Failed to construct test pipeline for 'ESD -
Enlightenment Sound Daemon'

Default source
   Input: OSS - Open Sound System
   Pipeline: (greyed out) osssrc

The test button for that gives 'Failed to construct test pipeline for 'OSS -
Open Sound System'

However, I've not got Audio problems in anything.

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