[Bug 16616] hal cannot detect input devices

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(In reply to comment #23)
> (In reply to comment #22)
> > (In reply to comment #21)
> > > Matt, Scott, this patch ('udev patch to make input devices readable for hal')
> > > would make hal able to read properties of input devices to react to
> > > keyboards, and the like. 
> > What high-level functionality would this enable?
> Nothing too exciting - you can automatically invoke an arbitrary program when
> plugging in a tablet, a keyboard, or whatever. There is no default program.
> > It seems significantly riskier than any of hal's existing permissions.
> I agree. (BTW, you should see the kinky things upstream does with hal now -
> that's going to be an interesting diversion by us in the future)

I don't see why access to the device should be required simply to trigger a
program to run when it is detected.  Is it possible to get the necessary
information another way, perhaps from sysfs?  Maybe this is something to discuss
with upstream.

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