[Bug 21856] New log-out dialog looks horrible

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------- Additional Comments From manu.cornet at gmail.com  2006-01-04 12:51 UTC -------
Hi, thanks for your bug. I happen to be the one who designed this dialog :) But
of course I was not alone, you can check this thread :


and the ones that follow.

> 1) it's too large
> 2) the icons are too large

Why is that a problem ? It is only a few pixels larger than the previous one,
and fits prefectly on all screens. When it comes to dialogs, is it necessarily
"the smaller the better" ?

> 3) they are too wide spread

Considering there is no confirmation dialog after you click one of these
buttons, we should make it hard for one to "miss" his click. Is it so exhausting
to move your mouse a few more pixels ? :-p You can still use the accelerators,
by the way.

> 4) they look like pics, not buttons, it's all very "flat" and it's not obvious
> they are clickable.

Well, I guess the user might think that these pretty pictures must be here for
something... The firefox toolbar icons look just the same (no relief, but relief
appears when you hover. I think this looks nice). What would you suggest ?

> 5) the top 3 icons, at least their colours, really clash, they really don't
> integrate with Gnome at all. They look out of place, very Win XP /KDE/Child-ish.
> The one thing that really clashes, is the bright green of the first two icons.
> The lower 3 icons are much better, they look much cleaner and refined, and the
> colours are in tune with Gnome.

All these icons follow the tango guidelines : http://tango-project.org/ 
Needless to say, you are welcome to design new, more suitable icons if you like :)

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