[Bug 26117] "Shared folders" not working

ketilwaa ketil.w.aanensen at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 15:56:28 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Daniel Holbach: Are you using Dapper or Breezy?

About the tone:
I am not a rude person, and reading my posts, the only thing that might be not so polite was when I wrote "What a useless app!" And, to me, it is. It is supposed to do more or less 2 things: admin stuff for NFS and Samba. For me, it does neither.

If somebody was/is looking at it, it would be cool if he/she posted some
info here, and someone else might have some clues. But there has been
nothing, which dissapointed me. (Especially since I had to fight my way
through smb.conf manually, in order to get Samba to work.)

However, if anyone was/is offended, I'm sorry.

Hope it works in Dapper - also for me!

- Ketil

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