[Bug 32433] Can't play two movies in a row

Mark twistedtexan at bellsouth.net
Wed Feb 22 12:33:05 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

ubuntu 5.10 breezy
Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7
Totem 1.2.0
xine-lib 1.0.1

I did have 1 more problem out of the program but a reboot seemed to
correct it. My computer locked up when I made adjustments to the volume
control on the totem player panel. Remember that this is only after I
first tested Totem with out a restart. I have not had the same problem
again. I would suggest a reboot after installation. I did play 2
different movies but I didn't do that back to back. i.e. I stopped
Totem, installed the second disk, opened Totem and Played the second
movie. Thanks again. I'll keep you informed about any future problems.

On Wed, 2006-02-22 at 10:59 +0000, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> Public bug report changed:
> https://launchpad.net/malone/bugs/32433
> Comment:
> Sorry, I remembered having read the comment once, so I replied a bit
> fast. The other bug was related, but fixed already, this is a different
> problem. Which version of Ubuntu, Firefox and totem do you use? Which
> architecture are you on? Can you try to get a backtrace?

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