[Bug 31601] default playlist format when creating new playlists in Serpentine

Jonathon Conte thesicktwist at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 19 03:46:39 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

No offense taken. I am happy to offer suggestions but I respect that you
have a clear idea of the direction that Serpentine should take.

There is still the original issue at hand. If the default action when
saving playlists is to "Detect by extension" and the user does not enter
a file extension, how can Serpentine spare the user of an error message
yet get the job done smoothly?

If you don't want Serpentine to pick a playlist format automatically,
here is another suggestion: If the format is set to "Detect by
extension" and the user enters a filename with an unknown extension or
without any extension, Serpentine can display a window which asks the
user to specify a format and has three buttons labeled "MP3 Playlist
File (.m3u)", "PLS Audio Playlist (.pls)", and "XML Shareable Playlist
Format (.xspf)". This additional window will only be displayed in
circumstances where the error dialogue appears now. It allows the user
to get the job done with only one click instead of having to click
"Close" on the error message and then change the filename or click twice
on the dropdown list to pick an extension followed by another click on
the save button.

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