[Bug 29050] 6.04 (Dapper) doesn't recognize working printer

Richard Lance rhlance at fastmail.fm
Wed Feb 15 00:20:58 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Same here. USB locally-atteched Epson CX5100 which is fine under Breezy. HAL and lsusb show it in all its glory, but the new printer dialogue on GNOME and KDE can't find it. I shouldn't have to use localhost:631 in the 21st century, but there isn't even a USB port option there.
This is being posted about at half-hourly intervals on the Dapper forum by GDE and KDE users, and still no response. Can we make it critical, please, and have an update?
I suspect that Gutenprint has a hand in the problem. There is a bug filed about Gutenprint drivers not loading.

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