[Bug 30980] Gnome System Log fails to start

PeterShinners pete at shinners.org
Thu Feb 9 16:49:52 UTC 2006

Public bug reported:

Affects: gnome-utils (Ubuntu)
       Severity: Normal
       Priority: (none set)
         Status: Unconfirmed

There is an error at early startup with gnome-system-log. The gnome
"crashed" dialog does not come up, it just hangs. Running from the
terminal I get this output.

pete at petebox:~$ gnome-system-log -V
Log Viewer - Version 2.13.90
Copyright (C) 2004-2006 Vincent Noel and others

pete at petebox:~$ gnome-system-log
*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x0811c2e0 ***

Tried to run it under gdm, but the symbols are stripped, I can only see
the top 6 functions starting with a g_free().

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