[Bug 36855] Re: Username/Password entry confusing for inexperienced users

Dylan McCall DylanMcCall at Gmail.com
Mon Dec 25 19:52:56 UTC 2006

Reposting some thoughts brought about in a forum thread about this. Just
a quick thought for a stable middle-grounds.

As usual, you start up with one single box visible asking clearly for Username. After entering your username, that box stops being an edit box (instead just becomes a bit of text displaying the name for the account being logged in to) and the password box or whatever else appears underneath.
This would actually be more user-friendly than the usual two-box design, because if someone doesn't have a password (actually I'm not sure if that is possible in Ubuntu, but if it is) then they aren't confused by how "The computer asking them for a password".

This design could also be given some nice eye-candy: The user login
images could justifiably appear after a username is entered.

Also, of course, there is cancelling entry of the password and going back to entering a username. With a single input box, I can see reason why this is not a favourable way to do things; if "the dumb user" accidentally hits escape while entering their password, he may not notice the change from "Password" back to "Username" because the on-screen queue would be so subtle! (Only a single thing would be changed).
When the input box is actually moving to a different point on the screen, that change is extremely obvious so it isn't at all misleading to have such an option.

I also agree that an OK button below the input boxes would be a good
idea; there are actually a surprising number of people who just don't
understand the Enter key.

Username/Password entry confusing for inexperienced users

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