[Bug 36670] Re: ignore disabling of key //desktop/gnome/background/draw_background ?

Ben brouits at free.fr
Sun Dec 24 12:51:19 UTC 2006

version: gnome 2.14.3 Ubuntu 6.06 LTS
note: still using my old ~/.gconf* from the breezy time

#key seems reserved for folder view, but anyway:
$ gconftool -g /apps/nautilus/preferences/background_set

# key seems the key that is not taken in account.
$ gconftool -g /desktop/gnome/background/draw_background

how to repdoduce the bug:
$ xsetroot -solid wheat
#the background _does not change color to wheat_ but should.

$ killall -9 nautilus
# nautilus will be killed but restarted (i don"t know why)
# in the mean time (1 second), _we can see_ the 
# original "wheat" color of the previous xsetroot command.
# then, nautilus re-draws his default color

Hope the info helps. i probaly misunderstood something...
-- Ben

ignore disabling of key //desktop/gnome/background/draw_background ?

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