[Bug 73023] Re: Round orange emblems have lack usability

John T. Folden john.t.folden at thejagcompany.com
Sun Dec 24 05:53:27 UTC 2006

Personally, I prefer the "style" of Jef's emblem icon set over the
current set to a rather sizable degree. They make use of an immediately
more recognizable image for each emblem and seem more integrated and
modern compared to other included graphics in the Distro.

Eric's 'colored' update is an  improvement on the originals BUT many of
them are too simplistically stylized to properly indicate their meaning,
imo. For example. if I were not to read the descriptions beneath (and
when in use, keep in mind that these emblems don't have a text
description) the multimedia emblem looks like a ladder to me, the
Certified almost looks like a clock, the Package looks like a t-shirt,
and the art emblem draws to mind a flukeworm rather than a paint brush!
I would really be happy with a more photo-realistic direction in this

I, also, think the circle behind the emblem tends to make the images
appear oversized. When combined with the object on which they are placed
it tends to create a rather unbalanced feeling, imo. Rather than using a
shape to tie them all together perhaps an overall 'color tint' could be
used to indicate their function instead.


Round orange emblems have lack usability

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