[Bug 76833] Proposed solution not requiring a change in FF package

faolan faolan.aodfin at gmail.com
Sat Dec 23 02:04:49 UTC 2006

Thank you for acknowledging my grievances over the Firefox issue. I did a
little more research on the issue and found that there is a package for XUL
already listed in the repositories. The Gecko split is what is needed and maybe
not even that. In fact, it may even best to just create a separate libgecko (and
related dependencies) package for Epiphany, Galeon, &c to use instead of having
to directly depend on Firefox being installed.

In this solution, nothing in question would be done to the Firefox package,
however an extra library would be placed in the repositories that would have to
be downloaded along with said browsers.

Also Someone has confirmed that gxine does not depend on Gecko but it does
depend on Firefox's JS library and that they are working on a fix to this

Firefox dependence bugs

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