[Bug 71208] Re: Rhythmbox hang during launch

patrick_g patrick.guignot at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 19:44:41 UTC 2006

>> <i>Are your files on a local partition?</i>

Yes. My music files are on /home/patrick/mes_musiques on my laptop hard

>> <i>Does the "hang" go away if you wait for it to load everything?</i>

Yes !!!
I launch Rhythmbox, i wait 9 minutes and 26 seconds and suddenly everything is ok !
I've tried to apt-get remove purge rhythmbox and to reinstall but there is no difference after this try.

This hang seems to be a problem only for me (local problem) so i think i
will wait for the feisty release and reinstall my system.

Rhythmbox hang during launch

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