[Bug 68255] Re: evo asks for password on startup

JasonVenkiteswaran jjvenkit at uwaterloo.ca
Wed Dec 13 15:56:12 UTC 2006

I would like to confirm this on Edgy (evolution 2.8.1-0ubuntu4).  When I
start evolution, windows confirming saved passwords come up as per David
Prieto's original description. Evolution works at creating the mail
folders and displays in the background and no data is transfered over
the network/internet as confirmed by the network monitor applets.

After cancelling the windows (one for each account in evolution) I can
click Send/Receive (F9) and evolution will check email from each account
without asking for a password--the passwords remained saved.

I have noticed that if I switch evolution to be off-line BEFORE closing
it, that when I restart evolution it does not present these password
dialogs.  I can then switch evolution to be on-line and check emails
without ever seeing a password dialog.

This is a crude "work-around" but may help diagnose the source of the

evo asks for password on startup

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