[Bug 75543] Re: crash after paste, reproducible always (for me)

Ped ped at 7gods.org
Wed Dec 13 13:56:37 UTC 2006

Going wild in ideas (no facts involved):

I saw a bug (maybe closed one?) about crash with "empty" paste, I think
these two may be related.

And some facts at last:

BTW, did you notice it's about Paste of result from SpeedCrunch?
It's important, because when I just select text from this page, I can paste it into gaim without crash.

Other way around I can paste result from SpeedCrunch into kopete (both
in Gnome and in KDE), so maybe SpeedCrunch does put some weird data on
clipboard which gaim can't handle, but kopete can.

Can somebody try it with SpeedCrunch (default kubuntu calculator), if
it's still my box only?

Xorg Input device errors:

I saw something about wacom in my xorg.conf, but I don't use any tablet .. I'm not so experienced with linux to nail it down immediately, but I will investigate eventually how to get rid of those messages in correct way. But I think it may be connected to non-existent wacom tablet defined. And maybe not.
Those 2 XOrg errors are shown every time I run and X app, it's not gaim-only.

crash after paste, reproducible always (for me)

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