[Bug 73657] Re: Google Talk doesn't connect, crashes Gaim

hew mcollin at usd.edu
Tue Dec 5 17:29:04 UTC 2006

I'm currently using 2.0.0beta3.1 (default in edgy repo's I believe), but
was using a version <2.0.0 on Dapper not too long ago. The problem first
arose with the older version of Gaim, while I was still on Dapper. I
have never changed any of my settings, as I retain my /home whenever I
upgrade. At one time, connecting to Google Talk did work, and then it
mysteriously failed. Now the more I think about this, I am almost
inclined to say this is a Gaim issue, and might not belong here.

Google Talk doesn't connect, crashes Gaim

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