[Bug 54717] Re: No hibernate option when logging out

Gareth Bult gareth at encryptec.net
Sat Aug 26 03:07:47 UTC 2006


This is a new installation, all user configs are LDAP based, each user
is a member of "users,plugdev,audio" and a couple of custom NT domains.
(definitely NOT adm)

The Shutdown and Reboot buttons do NOT appear.
The hibernate button DOES appear.

Not only that, but it allowed me to click on hibernate, thus shutting
down the server. I agree that this is not the issue described in the
head of this issue, however it seems to be a related issue and in a
multi-user environment, rather critical.

The server concerned was a twin Xeon dual-core with 4Gb of run running
LTSP connections .. giving "users" the hibernate option is a really bad

No hibernate option when logging out 

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