[Bug 53436] Re: close button in about diloge doesn't work

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com
Wed Aug 23 18:09:08 UTC 2006

 deskbar-applet (2.15.92-0ubuntu1) edgy; urgency=low
   * New upstream release:
     - add a hidden gconf pref to clear the entry after a match has been
     - Add support for new bug-buddy in server file and in the exception hook
       show both bug buddy, and our normal error dialog.
     - less than two characters won't trigger the action with enter Add trace
       framework with -t to trace the program execution
     - "Applet background having different gray than panel".
       set_visible_window(False) on the event box of the button.
     - Close the About dialog when clicking on close (Malone: #53436)
     - Add new tango-style icons at various sizes
     - Fix the non-detection of gtk bookmarks starting like file:///something
       (Malone: #41631)
     - Bump requirements for libebook to 1.7.91 since changes have been made
       to EContactPhoto
     - Selecting a two-line match (fx. a beagle news item) caused the
       lingering selection window two stay at the two-line size. Fix this -
       so that it resizes to fit the match.
   * debian/control:
     - bump libebook requirement.

** Changed in: deskbar-applet (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

close button in about diloge doesn't work 

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