[Bug 48993] Re: Freezes in manual partitioning

Colin Watson cjwatson at canonical.com
Wed Aug 23 07:23:37 UTC 2006

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 50909 ***

John is correct that this has been fixed, but incorrect about where it
was fixed. Specifically, this is in fact gparted bug 50909.

John, please only mark bugs as duplicates that exactly match the
patterns laid down by DebuggingUbiquity. I need to be spending time on
things other than double-checking the actions of bug triagers, if
possible. If you get creative then that makes things harder. :)

** This bug is no longer a duplicate of bug 47848
   should warn at partitioning stage if /boot is on XFS

** This bug has been marked a duplicate of bug 50909
   Ubuntu v6.06 Installer Crashed

Freezes in manual partitioning

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