[Bug 52874] Re: fast user switching with ldap and autofs = bad

Niall Sheridan nsheridan at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 00:08:28 UTC 2006

This is actually a serious problem. I really don't like it when a lot of machines try to mount, read and access several thousand home directories whenever their users unlock their screensavers, especially when the network in question is pretty large and distributed.This places unnecessary load on my ldap servers, my file servers and on the desktop machine itself. Sucking all user details using a for loop and getpwent() is BAD.

In response to the original comment: Gnome don't enable fast user switching in gnome-screensaver by default, Ubuntu do. Turning off fast user switching involves modifying a gconf schema *before* the user first logs in, otherwise the settings get copied as-is to their gconf settings, making this problem somewhat harder to rectify.
In fact some way of disabling fast-user-switching completely regardless of the users config setting would be useful.

fast user switching with ldap and autofs = bad

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