[Bug 43537] Re: External file removal does not update status bar

Vassilis Pandis pandisv at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 15 00:20:56 UTC 2006

I can reproduce this on Edgy too (nautilus  2.15.91-0ubuntu1). What's
weird is the following:

1.Open two nautilus sessions. Maximize the first you opened, and make
the second one smaller.

2. Open the terminal. Resize the terminal and the second nautilus window
so that you can type in the terminal and see both nautilus windows in
the background (their status bars that is)

3. touch blah

4. Both windows' count goes +1

5. rm blah

6. The maximized window's count remains as is, while the second window's
count drops by one (and thus is at the correct value)

Playing around with this I found out that it does not happen always.
Somtimes even the problem described in the original bug report does not
occur. I'll play around with it some more to try to figure out when it

External file removal does not update status bar

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