[Bug 44807] Re: Printer options not visible for remote printers

Tommy Johnsson tommy at johnsson.ath.cx
Mon Aug 14 14:29:10 UTC 2006

I have the same problem. The server that shares the printers is Dapper
Drake and all the clients is also Dapper Drake. On the server I can
change all the settings avaiable for each printer. I can also change
these settings on each clent from the web interface on the client but
not from gnome-cups-manager or any other gnome program on the client.

The clients don't even use the settings i have set on the server. The
use Letter butt the setting is A4 for an example. The printing works,
but I can't change trays on the printers or chose double-sided printing
in the programs i'm printing from.

Printer options not visible for remote printers

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