[Bug 22007] Re: no 'Settings' button in gnome-screensaver

Jordan trogdoor at gmail.com
Sat Aug 12 07:49:24 UTC 2006

"Most of the screensavers are useless without configuration. Would it be
difficult to take the settings code from Xscreensaver and put it into

No, in fact I have made a program that lets you change your screensaver
settings in xscreensaver and then updates the corrosponding gnome-
screensaver .desktop files accordingly.

That way you get the functionality of xscreensaver while still being
able to use gnome power-management. The main problems with it are

1: That it requires root privaleges to edit the .desktop files
2: That it cannot save seperate settings for separate accounts
3: It is written in java because that is all I currently know, and is poorly programmed because I was trying to get it done quickly and frankly I am not an experienced programmer.

So we could concievably keep xscreensaver-demo while still using gnome-
screensaver, but it is a dirty hack in my opinion

If anyone want's to use this or make their own version of it here are
the files.

http://trogdoor.googlepages.com/ConfigSaver.java (source )
http://trogdoor.googlepages.com/ConfigSaver.class ( application )
http://trogdoor.googlepages.com/ConfigSaver ( script that just starts xscreensaver-demo then runs configsaver when xscreensaver-demo is closed )

no 'Settings' button in gnome-screensaver

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