[Bug 54741] Re: New windows stealing focus -- and passwords?

jmspeex jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Aug 9 14:08:22 UTC 2006

> Because your admin password can be immediately used to compromize 
> your computer, whereas your ssh or gpg passwords may or may not 
> be used that way.

I would argue the opposite. The sudo password is *by default* useless
because ubuntu doesn't install a local ssh server by default. Your
outgoing ssh password (on the remote machine) on the other hand can
almost always be exploited.

> However, if you type 'sudo' in the shell, it does not protect your admin
> password in such a way.

So by this argument we should go for consistency and make sure that all
apps support the "password can be stolen" feature in the same way, i.e.
remove the shading/blocking of the display when config tools ask for the
admin password?

> I still think this isn't a bug. It might be a feature request, but I would 
> never support it as one either.

No matter how you look at it, it *is* a bug. Even if you don't care about sensitive info being released, the fact remains that:
1) giving focus to a new window breaks the "focus follows mouse" rule if you have it selected (the focus is given to a window that isn't under the mouse pointer).
2) The gconf option to disable the auto-stealing has no effect, so I'm stuck with that bad behaviour even if I'm willing to dig up gconf-editor.

Last thing, may I ask what would be so bad with metacity doing the right
thing and not letting any new window steal the focus?

New windows stealing focus -- and passwords?

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