[Bug 54445] Re: [edgy] Gaim crashes when I click on "save icon"

Ryan Lortie desrt at desrt.ca
Wed Aug 2 17:43:49 UTC 2006

This is probably the same as the muine crasher.


dbus locking has two states: initialised and not

If it's not initialised then the function to allocate a lock returns a
bogus value (0xabcdef) and the lock and unlock functions are no-ops.

If it's initialised then the new function returns real values and the
lock and unlock functions actually use those values.

The problem is the following sequence:

1) Allocate a lock (get pointer 0xabcdef).
2) Initialise locking
3) Use your lock from (1)

Because you're using the real locking function with the bogus (0xabcdef)
pointer, you get a crash.

A workaround is to make sure that locking is initialised very early in
your application.  This can be done with dbus_g_thread_init or even by
simply doing GnomeVFS initialisation early (since this does the thread
init for you).

[edgy] Gaim crashes when I click on "save icon"

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