[Bug 23445] Re: iMac G5 will freeze after booting up

Mark azovap002 at sneakemail.com
Wed Aug 2 04:48:49 UTC 2006

Please splurge for an internal test unit.  There have been more than
enough user bug reports over many months/years.  For sale on eBay and
other places.

The iMac G5 needs to be part of the official Ubuntu dev/release cycles,
not an afterthought.

If we want a Linux that takes endless debugging, Googling, and hacking,
well, why use Ubuntu for that?  Any other distro will do.  The whole
point of Ubuntu was regular packaging and compatibility testing.  If the
Ubuntu team is not going to do that for iMac G5's then it should be
removed from the list of supported hardware.  That would be sad but at
least more honest.

iMac G5 will freeze after  booting up

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