[Bug 54741] Re: New windows stealing focus -- and passwords?

jmspeex jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Tue Aug 1 05:18:37 UTC 2006

> that this doesn't seem to be a general nautilus issue

I assume you meant "metacity issue" here. I think there must be some
soft of confusion in here. On all three Dapper machines I have, I have
yet to see a *single* case of a window opening *without* getting focus.
Click on the panel to open a terminal? New terminal opens with the
focus. I type "xterm" in an existing terminal, a new xterm opens with
focus. Start any application, either from the panel of from a terminal
command line? It comes up with focus. Gaim does that too, so does
firefox, *everything*. Even if I try setting metacity to "strict" focus.
It seems like I am not the only why seeing that (see bug #51242), so the
only thing I don't understand is why you don't seem to see that. Comes
down to two options: 1) we're talking about something different or 2)
somehow the problem is triggered by some combination of config options.

New windows stealing focus -- and passwords?

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