[Bug 36915] Re: dapper flight5 - totem does not start

Marcos Hernández Blanco kchopein at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 20:56:32 UTC 2006

I have the same problem that the guy (or girl) who posted the bug. When I try to run totem from shell this is what I get:
marcos at tartaruga:~$ totem
The program 'totem' received an X Window System error.
This probably reflects a bug in the program.
The error was 'BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)'.
  (Details: serial 69 error_code 11 request_code 141 minor_code 19)
  (Note to programmers: normally, X errors are reported asynchronously;
   that is, you will receive the error a while after causing it.
   To debug your program, run it with the --sync command line
   option to change this behavior. You can then get a meaningful
   backtrace from your debugger if you break on the gdk_x_error() function.)
marcos at tartaruga:~$

I'm using totem-xine in Dapper fully updated.

Thanks for your work!

dapper flight5 - totem does not start

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