[Bug 17981] Re: Provide easy way to enable/disable printer sharing

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Tue Apr 25 18:26:55 UTC 2006

 cupsys (1.1.99.rc3-0ubuntu1) dapper; urgency=low
   * New upstream bug fix release 1.2RC3, UVF exception approved by Matt
   * Add debian/patches/56_revert_svn_5438.dpatch: Revert upstream svn commit
     5438 (fixed handling of products/manufacturers with spaces in the name)
     for now since it causes regressions in gnome-cups-add. Will be reactivated
     later when the issue is sorted out with upstream.
   * Update patches for new upstream release.
   * Remove debian/patches/20_httpGetHostname_crash.dpatch, fixed upstream.
   * Add debian/patches/14_dont_force_ssl.dpatch: Upstream now requires
     encryption by default for accessing /admin/, but our GUI frontends do not
     yet cope with that. Disable SSL requirement for now to revert to the old
   * debian/patches/08_cupsd.conf.conf.d.dpatch:
     - Set "BrowseAddress @LOCAL"; without this, sending browsing information
       does not work (Browsing still has to be enabled). Since enable_browsing
       now works for exporting printers, too, this Closes: LP#17981
     - Add some comments to point out that the Port and Browsing settings are
       moved to /etc/cups/cups.d/.
   * debian/cupsys.postrm: Clean up passwd.md5 on purge.
   * debian/cupsys.init.d: Pre-create error_log, too, and clean up code a bit.
     Closes: LP#41267
   * debian/cupsys.postinst: If upgrading from Breezy, adapt the inclusion of
     external browsing configuration in cupsd.conf to retain the correct
     setting for modified cupsd.conf files.
   * debian/cupsys.config:
     - Fix handling of cupsd-browsing.conf -> cups.d/browse.conf transition for
       breezy->dapper upgrades.
     - Fix browse.conf parsing to set the correct debconf default value, so
       that the browse setting is not reset to 'off' on upgrades.
       Closes: LP#38704
   * Add debian/patches/57_svn_5461.dpatch:
     - Properly HTML-quote the printer name so that names containing e. g. '+'
       work properly in the web interface.
     - Upstream svn commit 5461.
     - Closes: LP#37018

** Changed in: cupsys (Ubuntu)
       Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released

Provide easy way to enable/disable printer sharing

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