[Bug 16350] Re: hard-coded padding and wasted pixels on most icons

Dhonn Lushine dhonn at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 24 02:11:47 UTC 2006

Can you reopen it?

Notice that most icons in Windows are not wasting pixels.  Artists actually are using all available space.

But in linux icons are drawn so that there is at least 2-3 pixel padding around a centered icon.  So icons from Windows dont really integrate well and look bigger.  If I were to add their icon to my gnome panel it will consume the entire height of the task bar and look mashed up.

heres my sample:

The last 3 icons are xmms, vmware player, and vmware workstation.  These icons basically conform to the windows standard and use up pixels to the edge of the icon pixmap.

I think we should do the same but instead of integrating the hard coded padding in images we add icon padding into the system.

hard-coded padding and wasted pixels on most icons

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